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My son is 10 months old and still wakes up multiple times throughout the night and is up at 6am at the latest. What can i do to help him sleep so i can sleep

    Where does he sleep? Do you use white noise, a night light, does he use a blanket or sleep sack?

    Is he eating at night, or what is he doing that is waking him up? I recall my oldest around that age waking up from lost binky and from standing up and not being able to sit back down.

    Is he waking up for a long time or just a short time?

    If he's eating at night, the advice I've read is to try to cluster feeding before bed, slowly decrease the amount of formula or length of nursing sessions overnight, and try to soothe without feeding before getting them out of bed.

    Six in the morning isn't that unusual a time for a baby to wake up in the morning. Does he take any naps during the day? Can you reschedule them slowly by moving the times around by 15 minutes every few days until he is on a different nap schedule?
      Sometimes this is just a stage they go through... hopefully it will pass... I would not suggest giving a bottle or cup in the night because this could only start a bad habit... he is old enough to not need that. I have heard that the cry it out method works too...but I was never strong enough to do that!
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