Time passes so slowly

Time goes so slow when you're TTC. It's incredible how I feel like the days are never going to get here. I ovulate mid month so this is tourture.

    Excuse my ignorance... but what is TTC?
      We've been REALLY Trying for 3 months (next week) now. I know it's not long but I just really want it to happen. When we miscarried in October I felt really broken like my body did something wrong. I just want to be able to have my healthy baby now. Lol. I have a good feeling about May though. I really do. Thanks for the support and well wishes. It means a lot considering my mom doesn't know how to be supportive and never has. She meets anything I'm trying to do with worst possible outcomes and pessimism. It's disheartening and not what I need. So thanks. :)
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