My fave holiday is soon? Whats yours and why

I love easter. The decor and the bunnys. Kids doing easter egg hunts. The decorating easter eggs and hard boiled eggs. The weather being perfect minus the last few years

    I'd have to say Christmas. My mom always went over the top for christmas. The tree was gorgeous, we had decorations everywhere, and when I was younger, there was always the mountain of presents to be opened. Over the years, the family's kinda drifted apart, so instead of the huge gathering it used to be, it was more recently just the in-house family, but this is my first year away. We moved out here in November, and while we did drive all the way back up to Missouri for Christmas, to visit both families, it wasn't as big as it used to be. Now, with us moving to Norfolk soon, and my husband being assigned to a ship that will take him away most of the year for most years, Christmas is up to me, to make it a great time for my little girl. I want her to love it just as much as I did/do. My husband's not a big holiday person, anyway (too many bad things have happened to him on Holidays), so I'm working on trying to get him to be happier those days. I think it'll be easier with Nina around, now!
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