Pls am four month pregnant,want to know wat be eating in order not to grow too fat during pregnancy.
Thank u

    I ate lots of chicken breast, broccoli, fruits, and jelly sandwiches. (There were also the times when I absolutely had to have white castles chicken rings and nothing else would do!) I had to cut down on my soda intake, I drink Coca Cola like its water, so I switched up to Sprite instead, just lesser amounts. I know that's not really all that healthy, but I only knew I was pregnant 3 months before she was born, so I'm sure I ate not so good foods during the pregnancy, too...but we went bike riding several times a week, I walked the 15 minutes to work and the 15 minutes back, and we often went on walks with friends around the neighborhood, so only my stomach got big, right in front. From behind, I kept getting told you couldn't even tell I was pregnant until I turned around lol. So I guess if you're going to eat a lot, then you should stay active!
      HI.. What to eat during pregnancy shouldn't vary much from what you ate before you were pregnant.. you should eat high protein, low fat, veggie and fruit type foods.. whole grain bread, and cooked meats...

      You really should;'t change much at all.. from your diet now.. you will gain weight naturally.. I think you're worried you will get out of control and fat? Well, simply... don't..

      Stay healthy, exercise, eat full meals.. and it's the sugar that gets most pregnant women.. when they drink juice or soda or candy or ice cream.. more than a little a day..
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