Learning to Read: Activities for Baby

I think the best things you can do to help your baby develop language and reading skills is to read to them, and talk to them all the time. When they point or pick something up tell them what it is. Use letter and animal books, also you can get letter shapes for in the tub. Sing ABC's too.

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    Every day. with both my kids .. we would do a letter of the day.. and we would do crafts around that letter and then make a big cardboard one...Not huge, just an 8 by 10.. but we would then decorate it.. with beads or glitter or just color it and I put it on their wall.. so, they would end up with the alphabet around their room, that they did.. I'm not a super crafty mom but I'm very proud of me for that one.. lol
      I've started Charlies tiny baby library and bought him a little my first Encyclopedia set. I think it's so important for kids to grab books and turn pages and feel things, not just look at a kindle. It's great, I'm not anti-technology but I think there are huge benefits to staying away from some of it. Charlie has some of those little books made out of fabric, some pages have velcro, some have pop ups. Nothing replaces that!
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        I agree!
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