Older vs. younger?

One thing I always say I would never do is date someone younger than me...well..my husband is 9 years younger than me. But we are perfect for each other. The only time it bothered me was when I was pregnant and the doctor kept reminding me in front of him that I was "advanced maternal age" and he would laugh everytime she said it! Lol
Are you younger or older?

    Leanne Spring
    My husband is 5 years older than me!
      My husband is 17 years older than me. It sounds crazy but were the perfect match.
        I was older when I started dating...32 when I went on my first date! Yikes! Lol but I did the career thing first...had my own business and was in full time ministry. Then when I started dating, I found that men my age or older had all been married and divorced or gotten out of something long term and had kids and didn't want anymore and just wanted to date as many women as possible...relive their younger days! And they were just "old" lol didn't work for me.
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