Boost your Baby's Self-Esteem

From day one I have boosted my daughter's self-confindence. I have always been prompt when she crys, on demand feeding, diaper changing huggs & kisses. This develops a sense of order & predictability, which is the foundation of confidence. I am a strong believer in that and I have never made her wait more than a few minutes when she's upset. She is four months old today and I can see this will lead her to be a confident pre-schooler, grade schooler and all around confident person. From that to setting limits, to nuding her to learn, to things she doesn't always understand, I am treating her with respect and enthusiasm which is boosting her self-confidence. How do you boost your baby's self-confidence?

    I think I agree with you to a certain extent.. The beck and call thing I don't really abide by.. My kids have and will always get what they need, but sometimes they have to wait a minute.. or five or a day.. lol.. My second is far more independent and secure than my first.. and I truly think it's because she had to wait longer for a bottle, or me and had to fuss sometimes when I was managing my son and my step son at the time..

    But, I have always spoken to them throughout with love and kindness and admiration.. I think how you are to them makes them see themselves through your eyes..
      When she's hungry, or needs a diaper change, or bonked herself on something, I'm always there immediately, but that's just a mommy thing.

      Whenever she does something new, or better than she used to, or is just being good/cute, I'm always very supportive and enthusiastic, to let her know by my tone and actions that these things she's teaching herself and mimicking are good, that she's doing it the right way. When we play together, I let her initiate things and pick toys, and we go from there. If she does something bad, like try to chew on a computer cord or pull things out of our desks, I give her a firm "No" but I don't yell. Lately, she's been standing up all by herself, and walking along the walls and desks and whatnot by holding onto it/bracing herself and taking steps to move along it, and she knows it's a good thing that she's doing right, because we praise her for it and encourage it, and help when she loses balance or messes up. I think she'll be just fine.
        Same here Tracy. Charlie's grandparents are truly wonderful people and they love him so much, but they are also very vocal about how I should let him cry because it makes him tough. And that might be true later... WAY later. But at 3.5 months he will have what he needs when he needs it. Whether it's a diaper, or food, or a burp.. or just snuggling.. or whatever it is. It's all in the mommy paperwork I signed :)
          Respect is huge for me. I agree it is one of the most important things to do / teach your daughter. I also agree with Jessica though. I was very attentive to Cassaundra and her needs but I did not run to her immediately upon crying . I think they need to learn also to cope with things on their own. That is just my opinion though. I think you have a great outlook on everything and your daughter will definitely benefit from your caring ways!!
            Maggie Taylor
            I do agree. if my daughter need anything she gets it as quick as I can go. If I am straightening up and she wants mommy i let her help me. I always praise her when she learns something new but I also praise her when she is independent so she knows it is ok. Now I will say this I am the same way with the teenager who does live with us. If she says mom I need you I drop what I am doing and find out what it is, Her and I have 30 min of mother daughter time at night before bed. She can talk to me about anything with no judgement and she knows it.
              I do the same things. Which alot of mothers don;'t agree with. They say that you need to let them cry. Well way I look at it why?!?! They are only going to be a baby for a short amount of time. I'm going to enjoy the cuddling & hugging while I can. You know?

              But I also dance & sing with hwer & watch movies n teach her things also. The cutest thing is that song thats says "IM SEXY AND I KNOW IT" I sing that to her over and over again & she dances to it. LOLOL. I think she actually thinks she is just the cutest thing on the planet because of it. but I love it. I want her to have confidence. I wasn't so lucky. I also read her a book every night for bed time along with a song I wrote for her on my guitar
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