my children..

I never thought I would have 3 kids.. never in my mind would I have imagined that but it's the best feeling ever.. all 3 of my children are so different and I learn something new everyday. Kevin, he's my oldest and he's so smart. At his age he already knows what college he hopes to get into and he is so focused in school (he's only in 5th grade).. I could not be prouder of him.
Cristian, he has been the one to challenge me the most but he's the kindest most sweetest child ever. He's very sensitive and has such a big heart. He's your typical boy that loves superheroes and motorcycles also loves karate.. He has grown so much I can't believe my little boy is not that little anymore. . And Giada she is our princess that I always wanted. I can finally do mommy and daughter things that I couldn't do with my boys. Now that I am older I have learned to appreciate motherhood so much. It's the best feeling ever knowing that I have 3 kids that love me and I will do anything for.

Paula Andrea
    Paula Andrea
    Thanks ladies.. just had a mommy moment and needed to let out my feelings.
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    I live for my children.. they are my world.. I love them.. I am currently a stay at home mom for the first time. I also have a playful doggy named Gizmo, I love him so much too. So I am always busy all day long.