Only one child... Fair?

One Child by Choice

Why not have one child by choice? Families, like people, come in all different shapes and sizes. I think it's a personal decision that has to be made factoring in your own specific family's needs. It's not going to break your kid if they don't have a sibling. No one else has the right to judge you for the decisions you make for your family. Well, they have the right, but that doesn't make it good and forget about 'em.

I'm an only child and I turned out okay, to the best of my knowledge.

Just as there are some benefits and cons to having multiple kids (we've all heard of the Middle Child Syndrome, lol) the same is true for having only one child.

Over at the blog, they have this to say...
“Advantages of Having One Child
1. An only child gets very attached to his/her parents and has a great relationship with them.
2. An only child gets the best in everything – material things and otherwise.
3. An only child gets his/her parents undivided attention.
4. An only child does not have to deal with other siblings
5. An only child does not have to compete with other siblings for his/her parents’ attention.
6. An only child will not be compared (intentionally or not) with another sibling.
7. An only child is more independent.
Disadvantages of Having One Child
1. An only child may grow up lonely.
2. An only child has no one to grow up with.
3. An only child may get too much pressure from parents, to perform well or excel in school and other activities
4. The parents of an only child tend to be overprotective.
5. An only child may get bored of parental involvement
6. An only child may have a harder time making friends.
7. An only child may be pressure to have children in order to carry on the family name.
8. An only child may become burdened about being the sole caregivers of elderly parents.
9. An only child will never have the experience of having nephews and nieces.”
(If you want to read what else she had to say, you can go here…)

And I have to agree with all of those statements except #9 in disadvantages. If you marry someone with siblings, you can still have nieces and nephews.

I thought there was some new scientific research about this too, but I can't seem to find it. For some older research into the topic, though, you can visit the Wiki on being an only child.

One last thing, I do remember growing up and wishing I had siblings. However, all my friends with siblings wished they were only children. Go figure.

I'm going to stick with my ideal of four for now. We'll see after #1 though, lol.

What do you think? Is it fair to have only one kid if you have a choice? To you, to your child? Would you do it yourself?

Moms Expertise
    I agree it's a totally personal choice. I don't think people should underestimate the impact of being the only child to deal with aging parents. This is the case for my 2nd cousin, and it is very difficult for her. She always swore she'd have more than 1 child if she were able to for this very reason. Totally different situation if a couple is just not able to have more than one. But I wouldn't choose just one for this reason alone.
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