Organic food for baby

All the food I buy or grow is organic and will be the best for my child. We have a green house and garden that we use and don't have any pesticides. I have bought Earth's best organic oat baby cereal. I like getting fresh food from our local co-op that provides organic food and local meat too. If you go to a grocery store that might not have organic make sure to clean your fruits and vegetables with one part vinegar and 2 thirds water let them soak and rinse off, pat dry.

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    Thanks for the washing tip Lindsay, I had never heard of that before! We love Earth's best here!

    What do you grow the most of in your green house/garden?
    In the green house year round we grow Wheat Grass, Pea greens, sunflower greens and radish greens. We also have bell peppers, tomatoes and cucumbers. In the garden from spring to fall we grow different things each year, green beans, wax beans, pumpkins, watermelon, radish, eggplant, zucchini and yellow squash, dill and oregano.
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      I'm so envious of your greenhouse! I want one so bad....some day....maybe.
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