When one grandparent isn't "all there".

So.. short background.

The bf's parents are still very active and I can trust them with Charlie whenever our plans call for it. I can count on them to respect my wishes even when I'm not around and I know Charlie is always safe in their keeping.

My mom however.. has had some mental problems in the past. We're moving her up here this month because I'm tired of seeing her alone in her town and Charlie needs to know some of my side of the family since the rest is in California.

I love my mother, and she just cannot wait to be around Charlie all the time. But I can't trust her alone with him just yet. It's little forgetful things that could potentially be dangerous.. She'll forget something on the stove, or forget that she put something in the oven and go take a nap. Innocent, honest accidents. But things I won't let Charlie around.

The past 6 months have been the first time she's been on her own in her whole life. Single, I mean. So.. what is the best way to respond when she wants to babysit Charlie? I've already expressed my worries to her, she says she understands but still makes comments about giving the other grandparents a break. Advice?

    I love Taylor's suggestion of team babysitting.

    In the end though, Charlie is the child and your mother needs to understand (and I'm sure she does) that you have to protect Charlie. I would look at her comments as maybe her way of letting you know that she's ready whenever you are. Don't take them literally, more as just a "hey when you feel comfortable with me babysitting, I'm happy to do it."
      8Theresa Gould
      The other ladies have some great suggestions. I'm sure you will come up with something that works to keep Charlie safe and your mom involved.
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