Mommy Must Haves!

What product can you just not live without that is FOR YOU?

What product do you wish you had?

If you were talking to a friend who is about to have a new baby what would you tell her to get for herself?

    During pregnancy I loved my body pillow and couldn't live without it. I love it so much I bought a second one. I sleep with two body pillows every night. The pillows her to deal with my aches and pains and make me more comfy when I can't sleep. My husband doesn't like them though because I am now a bed hog.

    I really wish I had a massage attachment for my chair and a foot massage bath.

    I would tell a new mom to buy herself a few reusable water bottles, drinking water is important and it is nice to have spill proof bottles that you can easily drink with one hand while holding a sleeping baby. I would also tell a new mom to go out and buy herself a few new tops to wear during that awkward transition period after birth when your maternity clothes are too big but your regular clothes are too small. The new tops can be just what you need to feel better about your body and boost your mood.
      Oh for me?!?!?

      Nikibiki tanks. I wear one everyday. They aren't necessarily breastfeeding tanks, but they are stretchy enough that I just pull them down and it's fine. I love them because they keep my belly covered, come in a zillion different colors, don't cost an arm and a leg, and last for a long time!
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