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A few weeks ago I was in the grocery store and as I was standing there with my mom and son this guy slammed into the back of me for no apparent reason and literally knocked me into my mom who was holding my 14 month old. I told my mom I was sorry and that the guy that had walked passed us had run into me. Well I guess he heard me and turned around and started to come at us with his chest puffed out looking like he was going to punch me. I went and put my son in the car and this man was out there writing my moms license plate down which scared me a little so I went into the store because it looked like he worked there. One of the employees went out to confront him and he told her that he worked at the bank inside the store, then proceeded to come over to me and started yelling at me. I went back into the store to the bank and told his manager what had happened and got his name, as soon as I got home I emailed the corporate office of the branch to complain. They sent me an email saying they would take care of it but now a few weeks later I have been in the same store twice and both times this man stares at me and just makes me feel uncomfortable the whole time I am within his eyesight. I think I should email the company again but I don't know if it will do me any good or just make the situation worse. This is the only larger grocery store in my area without me having to go over an hour away. But I don't feel safe at this store after today! What would you do?

    I would keep calling/writing/whatever. Let them know that he has made it uncomfortable for you to shop for groceries and that you really don't have the option to go elsewhere. And do your best to avoid the area where the bank is.
      I think I am going to email their corporate office again. I told my mom the same thing about him not seeming like he is very stable. He just gets so angry every time he sees me. I had moved out of the area for 2 years but before that I had worked across the street from this store for 10 years and even though it is a small town I have never met this person. I am not scared of much and if it wasn't for my sons sake I would not be scared but it is funny how it changes things when you have kids.
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