In The Mouth....

Avery is VERY mobile now and she still loves to put everything in her mouth. This is a bad combination. Yesterday I was sweeping up (because we can't leave anything within reach) and Avery Cruised over to me all happy. She opened her mouth and I saw she was sucking on a popcorn kernel and a piece of masking tape!! I have NO IDEA where she found it, but it completely freaked me out! If she hadn't come up to me all proud she could have choked without me even realizing she'd gotten into anything.

I vacuum and sweep all the time but she still finds little things! It really freaks me out. Did your kids get into stuff like this when they were babies? Did anything bad every happen? I'm so scared she'll choke!

    Hayden is notorious for having things in her mouth. With 2 older siblings we have a ton of toys that have little pieces and no matter how many times I tell them to pick their stuff up they don't. Thankfully nothing bad has ever happened... though she did poo gold once (a playmobile gold nugget). Usually Hayden will spit things out on her own, or I can dig them out. I just check her mouth anytime she is out of sight (and I try to minimize the out of sight).
      My daughter puts everything she grabs in her mouth, I'm not looking forward to when shes mobile and finds the little things too.
        8Theresa Gould
        Yes, I was forever cleaning up. Nothing bad ever really happened though, thankfully.
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