Dealing with Separation

I'm new to the whole "Navy Wife" thing, and unfortunately, I haven't had the chance to meet any others here in Pensacola. This is a training base, and most Recruits here leave their families behind in their previous states until they get assigned their first duty station, or they're kids fresh out of high school...not us. We moved down here as soon as we could to be together again, once he'd graduated boot camp. Soon, we're moving to Norfolk, for his station, but he's assigned to a ship, which means that he'll often be gone for 6 months or more at a time, several times over the next few years.

Bit of back-story:
Before we went Navy, we lived together and spent every day together. We gamed together, exercised, hung out, everything together. For two years, and before that, we were dating but still hung out all the time. Then, suddenly, we needed a good way to support a family when we found out I was six months pregnant. The crappy fast food jobs that were the only places hiring weren't going to cut it, and we weren't willing to both be working all the time and almost never see our daughter...thus, Navy. I became a stay at home mom and left my job at subway, because my husband asked me to. He knew it would be hard in the military, and that things would be tight until he got promoted a bit, but he wanted our daughter to be with at least one of us, instead of being babysat all the time. So, I did.

Now, with our move to Virginia coming up fast, less than a month away, I'm getting nervous. Anxious. I know I can do the whole Mommy thing by myself while he's away, I've managed to take the reigns on the household so far pretty well, but he's going to be gone for such a long time. I know that once we move, I'll be able to find some new friends and other Navy Moms/Wives to talk to, but it won't be the same. I'm not good at making new friends, and I haven't been a loner since High school. I've come to depend on my husband for strength, and to give him strength and encouragement in turn. I'm just really scared, I guess.

Any advice?

Dealing with Separation
    No real advice as I'm not a military wife, but as a stay at home mom I can tell you that the fastest, easiest way to meet people will be to find out if there are any playgroups you could go to, and to spend as much time as you can at parks talking to people.

    You can do this mama. Remember that you are both doing this because you feel it's right for your family. I'm sure he's scared too!!
      My husband is now retired from the Air Force but used to have to go away for weeks to months at a time. Luckily we did not have children yet but a few years ago he was deployed to Iraq to drive the gun truck in a convoy. He was gone for 7-8 months! It was the hardest thing I've ever had to go through! Because we didn't have children yet I basically worked all the time to keep myself busy but then I would come home & sit around not knowing what to do with myself but worry. So my husbands suggested I find other things to keep me busy. I started getting together with friends more, visiting my family & his, joined a gym, joined the choir at my church & I was grooming dogs on the side. Basically whatever I could do to keep myself occupied & busy so I wouldn't worry.

      So I guess my advise is just that. Your baby is your full time job to keep you busy & she will help you meet people. I have trouble meeting new people too. But there are all kinds of child type activities you can look for & it will be great for her & help you meet people. I'm starting mommy & tot dance classes next month & story time at the library tomorrow. Now that the weather is getting better here I am looking forward to going to the parks with my daughter. Whatever you need to do to keep busy will help make the time that your husbands away go by so much faster.

      And when times get rough, because they will, just look at your beautiful baby & remember that you are doing this for her!
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