Breastfeeding the Second Time Around

I feel like getting the hang of breastfeeding is a big challenge for new moms. But what about the second baby? If you successfully breastfed your first was it easier to get back into the rhythm of it with your second?

I feel like it would be. I'm so relaxed with Avery now that the frustrations of those first few months feels like a distant memory. Of course nursing a newborn is different then a 10month old, but my experience must pay off a little right?

Was it easier, harder, or about the same nursing your second baby?

    It was much easier to nurse my 2nd baby... but she LOVED to eat. The very first time I offered her the breast she latched on beautifully and actively nursed for an hour. The third was a little more difficult, but I think Mason (first baby) was by far the hardest.
      8Theresa Gould
      I don't think their was any difference nursing boys and girls, not like there is in potty training.

      My second baby was born two weeks early and was a very sleepy baby and didn't have as strong of a suck that my larger babies did. Other than that breastfeeding her was the same. My last baby was my most difficult to nurse due to scar tissue and the pain it caused when my son suckled.
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