You can help them crawl, but you can't make them

Avery had all the signs of being ready to crawl, but she just didn't want to. She would much rather pull herself up and cruise or walk then crawl anyday. I couldn't stop obsessing about it.

I did all the tricks. Tummy time, toys just out of reach, even holding her on all fours to see if she'd support her weight. Nothing changed. Then one day she just got up and crawled like she'd been doing it for months. Baby's are funny like that.

Moms Expertise
    Yes! I was so worried because Mason just WOULD.NOT.CRAWL. He started walking and got into the middle of a room, fell, and couldn't find something to pull up on again and BAM he started crawling like it was the most natural thing ever.
      I'm trying to get Selena to crawl, but she just rolls over and stares at me.
        8Theresa Gould
        I knew of a baby who scooted on her bum rather than crawl. They are all so different.
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