SSI for children with PDD NOS

Pervasive developmental disorder is part of the autism spectrum. Many parents are faced with having to spend quite a bit of money out of pocket for therapies, medications and miscellaneous other things to help their child.

Your child might, although no one can tell you for sure, qualify for SSI . You can apply online but you will have to do an in office interview as well. It is best to have the names of any and all doctors who have been involved with the childs are, the dates they saw them and any pertinent information about those visits (diagnosis, etc) to help you when filling out the paper work.

Even if your child doesn't qualify your state may allow a medicaid waiver (if you don't qualify for medicaid based on income) due to the health issues. You do have to apply for SSI in most places to be considered for a waiver.

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      I am not very well informed regarding these issues. My husband is being treated for ADHD that he's had his entire life, but only has been diagnosed in his adult years, so I do have a back-of-mind worry that my daughter may be at risk. I appreciate the information!
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