Ants and Lazy roommates

I know its not fully springtime weather yet but since its jumping back and forth I've seen more than enough scout ants that I would like. And I'm the only one cleaning after seven people, only two are children and I only have my step son on the weekends.

Is it overstepping to post a sign for everyone to clean up after their messes and spills?

Is there anyway to deter the ants?

I cant make them go away permanently till we redo our roof since I know they aren't coming from the base of the house.

    Oh my goodness Kenzie, I feel your pain!! I have 5 people living in my house, myself makes 6. 5 adults and my 7 month old, the 7 month old is the cleanest!!! I put up a list of rules and have to constantly remind them, so feel free to post as many signs as you want, I certainly do!! Ants are typically repelled by cinnamon! It works great for us when we need it. :)
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