foot cramps

my son is 6 and keeps getting cramps on the arch of his feet, almost like charlie horses, they last 5-20 minutes. I took him to a doctor one time for it but at that moment he he wasn't having one. his doctor said make sure he drinks enough, which he does. he doesn't eat junk except once in a great while he might have one sweet snack, mainly he eats fruits and healthy snacks

4JennHanover, Pennsylvania
    Oh no! Little boys have way too much excitement going on for their feet to be hurting. He might be having some "growing pains" - if you will - in his plantar fascia, the tissue group that forms the bottom of your foot. If he's cooperative, you can help him with some simple exercises for plantar fasciitis and put cold (not necessarily ice if it's uncomfortable for him) packs on the bottom of his gets whenever he's taking some down time.
      he has normal arches on his feet. he drinks plenty, eats plenty of fruit as well as bananas. he is very active during the day
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