Thrown Into Potty Training!! I'm Not Ready For This!

Had a very stressful day with the lil' miss today. Went to change Violet's diaper first thing this morning only to discover that WE WERE OUT! (Bum bum BUM!!) I don't have a car and everyone else in the house works, so I just stuck her in some panties and asked her if she had to potty like every 10 minutes. As soon as her daddy came home from work I sent him off to the store to pick up some "diakies" (this is a plural form of a term that we use in my house. It means "diapers" and is pronounce "die-keys") and we were safe... till right when he got back. Then she peed through her panties and her leggings AND MY SHEETS ONTO MY MATTRESS.... *Sigh* I guess it could have gone worse.

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    Oh, probably! Actually, I've been wanting to get started on potty training for a while, but unfortunately Violet isn't being very helpful. She doesn't tell you when she needs to go to the bathroom, or even if she needs a diaper change! She just... sits in it until you realize! I spend an odd amount of time staring at my kid's butt in case it looks saggy. :S Even when I was asking her today if she needed to go potty, she would tell me "No" every time, and then peed her pants. :/
      Lol DEFINITELY better than poop! Violet's pooped in the bathtub more times than I care to remember! Also there was that time that she pooped in her diaper at night when she was alone in her room and basically painted her bedroom with it. I'm talking the mattress, the walls, the stuffed animals, herself... Poop everywhere. :S
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