Balancing Chores and Working From Home... Reframe.

How to balance chores and working from home... That can be a real toughie! It has taken me ages to get to the point that I am, and even so I'm still working on something more efficient.
When working from home, it's really easy to get super involved in projects and let the laundry pile up, or let the dishes go longer than you'd like. I imagine this is something that moms who work outside the home may struggle with also. You've worked all day, who wants to clean all night?

On the other hand, it's also REALLY easy to avoid working on projects because you 'have to' clean the house. There's always something to clean. When I have a project I don't feel like doing, I've been known to clean the fridge, reorganize the cabinets, clean out under the bed... You know, things I DON'T need to do at the moment. At all. I trick myself into feeling productive, but really..I'm kinda just putting myself behind because of a lack of prioritizing.

What works best for me is organization and prioritization. Know what needs to happen, and try to get through all of it, but know what HAS to happen, what's absolutely non-optional. And... beyond that.. reframing.

By reframing I mean working within my own current paradigm. As much as I like to feel like I'm a 'balanced, super productive' person, that feels tiresome and often untrue. So, instead... I reframe it. I feel like a procrastinator. Therefore, I work within that paradigm and procrastinate WISELY. Don't want to do the laundry? Fine, procrastinate with the dishes. Don't want to do that proofreading right now? Fine, procrastinate with the laundry. My brain sees it as scamming, procrastinating, avoiding the necessary tasks... which albeit may not be so good for self-respect initially, it lends to me being the “super productive” person I wanted to be in the first place, without even realizing it. And, at the end of the day, that feels good.

It sounds kind of silly, but how you phrase things in your mind really does make a huge difference and works with all sorts of things.

Got a habit you want to stop? Let's say eating junk food. Don't give it power by saying to yourself “I have to stop eating junk food, it's bad for me.. oh, but this is going to be hard.... yaddah yaddah.” Say, “I'm love healthy foods, especially mangoes! If I eat a mango a day, that would be delicious, and I'll feel great.”

Framing, as you see often in marketing, is everything. And it just so happens to work pretty well, for me at least, when it comes to working from home and keeping the chores done too.

Do you have any tips to balance working at home and chores? Have you struck the balance?

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    Ooo I love the idea of "framing" that makes a ton of sense to me! :) I like your example of the junk food eating :) I need to try that!! One trick I use is I give myself time limits to clean and sometimes to get a "said amount" of work done too! I use the 30 minutes before my hubby comes home as a time to "declutter" the house.. it totally works! Then sometimes throughout the day I give myself an HOUR to go through emails and I bust my butt doing so.. the time limits always work for me!
    My quick cleanup happens right before hubby gets home too. I like the idea of time limits. Really playing in to Parkinson's Law which seems totally real to me. "work expands so as to fill the time available for its completion".
    Hahahaha! I'll make sure to tell hubby that's the new plan. I'm sure it'll go over great. :P
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