Morning sickness remedies

Morning sickness affects a large proportion of pregnant women. Morning sickness is most common during the first trimester, but for some women morning sickness lingers throughout pregnancy.
What causes morning sickness isn't entirely clear, but the hormonal changes of pregnancy are thought to play a role. Rarely, severe or persistent nausea or vomiting may be caused by a medical condition unrelated to pregnancy — such as thyroid or liver disease.

To help relieve morning sickness:

-Choose foods carefully. Opt for foods that are high in carbohydrates, low in fat and easy to digest. Salty foods are sometimes helpful, as are foods that contain ginger — such as ginger lollipops. Avoid greasy, spicy and fatty foods.
-Snack often. Before getting out of bed in the morning, eat a few soda crackers or a piece of dry toast. Nibble throughout the day, rather than eating three larger meals. An empty stomach may aggravate nausea.
-Drink plenty of fluids. Sip water or ginger ale. It may also help to suck on hard candy, ice chips or ice pops.
-Pay attention to nausea triggers. Avoid foods or smells that seem to make your nausea worse.
-Get plenty of fresh air. Weather permitting, open the windows in your home or workplace. Take a daily walk outdoors.
-Take care with prenatal vitamins. If you feel queasy after taking prenatal vitamins, take the vitamins at night or with a snack. It may also help to chew gum or suck on hard candy after taking your prenatal vitamin. If these steps don't help, ask your pregnancy care provider about other ways you can get the iron and vitamins you need during pregnancy.

Various alternative remedies have been suggested for morning sickness, including:

-Acupressure. Acupressure wristbands are available without a prescription in most pharmacies. Although acupressure wristbands haven't been found to be more effective than sham therapies, some women seem to find the wristbands helpful.
-Acupuncture. Acupuncture involves inserting hair-thin needles into your skin. Acupuncture isn't a proven way to treat morning sickness, but some women seem to find it helpful.
-Ginger. Herbal ginger supplements seem to alleviate morning sickness for some women. Most research suggests that ginger can be used safely during pregnancy, but there's some concern that ginger may affect fetal sex hormones.

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      I am one of the lucky ones suffering with morning sickness and nausea right through from 6 weeks up until now that im 22 weeks, and it doesnt look like its going to stop. i had morning sickness so bad it turned into Hypermesis Gravidarum, was quite bad was in the hospital for a week.
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