Here's A Fun Topic: Old Wives Tails!

When I was pregnant with Violet, FROM THE VERY BEGINNING I had terrible heartburn and acid reflux! Well, the Wives Tail is that if you have heartburn, the baby will be born with hair! I didn't put much stock into it until the day she was born. Once she was down far enough that the doctors could see her, they said, "Well! She's got a lot of hair!" They weren't kidding!

What Old Wives Tails do you believe in? :)

Here's A Fun Topic: Old Wives Tails!
I got the "carrying high" one, too. Actually, one of my friends is pregnant and I guessed that it'd be a girl because she's carrying high, too. We just found out the sex, and it's a girl! So I guess I believe in that one a bit, too!
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