is just me or does every new mom feel like they have to be perfect!?

idk if just me because didn't have 9months of prep or do other moms feel like all eyes on them??

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      I felt like that for a while, especially since we had slightly less than 3 month's notice that we were going to have a baby, and then I took a step back and looked at my daughter objectively. She's very happy, healthy, and very much loves us, so I don't care anymore what someone else thinks of my personal "Mom Style".

      I'll admit to feeling a little smug sometimes, when I'm in a store and a baby Nina's age or slightly older is throwing a complete tantrum. Nina has never, ever fussed when we've been out and about. She just sits back and likes to watch everything. Whenever she sees another baby crying and going on, she gets the look we've dubbed "Thunderbrows", where he eyebrows go diagonally down and she gets this focused look, like "What the heck're you doing that for?"/"What's wrong with you?"
        I felt like that for a long time,me,my husband,my kids,my house,everything had to be perfect all the time. I finally learned that all that's a lot of unnecessary stress, and when your that stressed your not going to be the best you or the best mommy. The truth of it is, is the house will get messy, the kids will get dirty. I think its more important to be the best you you can be and not worry about anyone else seeing you as perfect because honestly there's no such thing.
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