Putting the Pieces Together

So, my husband was put into foster care when he was six and adopted at 12, changing his name. Last week he was telling me about his siblings and told me their names (he is a pretty closed book, I'm the only person he's ever truly opened up to as far as he had). I knew he'd looked for them before, so I was like "Oh, what the heck..." and tried to find them on Facebook. I found a guy with the same name as a brother, but with a hyphenation and went out a limb and messaged him. We had a mutual friend, even, but I was skeptical. Until he mentioned his mom's last name and gave me a picture! I found his brother! I told Issac and after a bit he messaged him himself and spent most of the day chatting with his two brothers. He wasn't mad at me for trying, and I think he might even be a bit excited. :)

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