Ideal Pregnancy!

Mamas.. are you a hot or cold weather lady?

If you could have an ideal pregnancy, and pick when you would be at your biggest or furtherest along.. when would it be and why?

Me? Honestly? My pregnancy was exactly what I hoped for! I do not deal well with warm/hot weather.. I get hot sooo easily.. so having a babe in the coldest Winter in FOREVER.. like a little gift from God :)

    I honestly think I had the most ideal pregnancy/delivery. I never had any pregnancy symptoms except being extra tire. It wasn't a problem because I didn't work at the time. I was my biggest at the hottest time of year, which I don't mind because I love hot weather. I just went swimming! My delivery, I felt literally nothing until I was pushing him out and it went by so fast. No symptoms, no pain. Nothing but my son coming into the world. Perfection. :)
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        Summer was for sure the worst! I never want to be pregnant again in the summer! Winter was so much better!
          Both of my girls were born end of July beginning of August. It was horrible, sooo miserable. I get hot easily and sweat a lot anyways so add being pregnant on top of that. I laid in the house in the ac most of the summer. So if I ever have another baby I think I'll try to plan it in the winter or fall.
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