A very active baby !!

What new fun activities can I introduce to my soon to be 6 month old. Her current activities are:
Playtime in the park 45 mins
Playtime with our pets 20mins
Playtime with toys 45 mins
Playtime in activity center 30 mins and I am always talking to her , singing , reading etc she still gets cranky if I leave her alone to calm down and go to sleep at bedtime. Her naps make her even more energetic. I am a new mom and I get so tired by night that the next day feels like a whole lot of what to do's

Moms Expertise
    When Mason was in daycare at that age they would do things like playing with cooked noodles or they gave them lemons to lick/smell/whatever.

    Remember everything is new to her right now, so you can spend time introducing her to different smells/textures!