So I love this picture because it was me and my husbands first picture together. My mother on the other hand not so impressed she later told us both she wasn't sure about him since this was sent to her before she met him she actually confessed she thought he looked like a thug. Let me clear this up he is not!! Lol. Since then he has become a member of my family not just because we got married and have 2 kids together but because he has my back like no one else besides my family. Its important to me that my family likes my SO I am blessed that everyone gets along that means so much to me. What was your parents reactions to your SO when they first met?

    Paula Andrea
    When my parents met my fiance they thought he was a gangster because he has tats on his neck but he's not... at first they were like "oh boy what has Paula gotten herself into"..but once they spoke to him they were very impressed. But what won their heart was they way he got along with my boys and how little by little the bond between them got so strong. I always knew he would be a great father and with our daughter he is the BEST father ever!! My children are so lucky to have such a loving dad..
      My parents new something was up with my husband when they first met him. Looking back, we both wonder how we didn't know. We were really good friends for awhile before we started dating. For some reason, I invited him to lunch with my family when they were in town visiting (he was nothing but a friend/coworker at the time) and for some even stranger reason, he said yes. After lunch he left and my parents didn't say much of anything until after we were married. Now we all laugh about how comfortable we were at lunch even though it was potentially a VERY awkward situation.
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