Gender Specific toys

What are your thoughts on Gender Specific toys? In our house, Mason and Audrey (and Hayden to some extent) all play with everything. There aren't "girl toys" that Mason isn't allowed to play with, or "boy toys" that Audrey can't touch. I do always find it interesting how differently they play with the same toy though

BethSummerville, South Carolina
    I feel like gender specific toys are a marketing tactic more then anything. Companies can make money of friends and relatives who don't know what to buy for a kids so they just pick the first blue or pink thing they can find.

    Did you know that before ultrasounds could find baby gender pink and blue weren't even a boy/girl thing? Babies with brown eyes were supposed to wear pink, blue eyes wore blue, and either could where yellow. When the gender finding technology came about marketing companies went crazy selling pink stuff to people expecting a girl and blue for those expecting a boy. It's all just made up, really.

    So I guess I want Avery to play with everything :)
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