We have slept with the kids in our bed for years

We started co-sleeping when Mason was little and really enjoyed it. There have been times that we have tried to get Mason and Audrey to sleep in their own beds. For the last 3 years, we've lived in a house where the master bedroom was downstairs, and the rest of the bedrooms were upstairs. While in that house, we really didn't feel comfortable having the kids upstairs since the stairs were right next to the front door - we worried about them coming down to us in the middle of the night, getting confused and going outside... or we also worried that if there were ever an intruder or a fire we wouldn't be able to get to them. We are in the process of moving and the new house has all of the bedrooms on one floor, so we are working on transitioning the big kids to their own rooms, and will probably work with Hayden on it too!

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    It's very popular where we live. I think it would be amazing once they were teenagers... but at this age, not so wonderful.
      I hate that our house has the bedroom split between floors, 2 on the bottom and 3 on the top. We cosleep with the youngest and love it.
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