Unexpected Pregnancy

my friend told me she is pregnant again last night. She was on the mini pill and has a 9 month old and was obviously not trying or ready for another. Now it looks like she will have 2 under 2. I know everything will work out for her and she will be excited to have another, but I can sympathize with her feelings. Her first was unexpected too and she feels like she was just getting into the swing of things with her son. I personally am not ready for another baby right now and if I were to become pregnant now unexpectedly I don't think I would be that happy at first.

Have any of you gotten pregnant unexpected, or at a time that wasn't the best? How did you react? When did you find the excitement again?

    I don't want to have my children too close together either, although I would still be happy that I got lucky with another blessing.
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        Danielle Keltner
        My first was unexpected, planned to be 22 months apart, then unexpected third was 14 months apart from second. Three in three years, it's a challenge but every child is a blessing. I have had a few fits, but everything happens for a reason.
          Arlene Bautista
          I had two unexpected pregnancy , the first one was a Really surprise cuz I was having twins then when they were two I was on the IUD and still got pregnant we were still happy I love my being a mommy and were planing on having more :)
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