Have you tried breastmilk?

Both me and my husband have tasted Avery's. It was so funny to see my husband taste it. You would've thought I asked him to drink battery acid or something! He put a little drop on the end of his pink and slowly put it on his tongue, making faced the whole time. Then he said it tasted a little bit like milk at the bottom of the cereal bowl - It's sweet!

We tasted it because I wanted to know what it should taste like fresh, so we'd no if it ever went bad. My husband will usually give the bottle if she ever needs one so I wanted him to know too.

When it's starting to go bad there is a really weird, bitter aftertaste. It kind of reminded me of dirt, but a little bit sour. You don't need to taste much to know it's bad. Just a drop or so.

    8Theresa Gould
    Yes, we have tasted it too because we just wanted to know. I agree it tasted sweet.
      My husband has drank a lot of it. Some people think it is weird but I don't see how it is any weirder than drinking cows milk. Human milk is made for humans, not just babies. My husband drinks it when he is sick and it helps him get better faster. About 6 different adults have had my milk before.

      I have tried my own milk but I don't see the point in drinking it, it seems counter productive since I had to burn calories to make it.
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