We Ordered Avery's Dol-Bok!

A Dol-Bok is a traditional Korean dress worn during a baby's Dol Celebration. The Dol takes place on a baby's first birthday and is very important in Korean culture. In the past high infant mortality rates in that county mean reaching your first birthday was a big accomplishment. There is a celebration with special rice cakes, prayers, and the Toljabee. the Toljabee is a ceremony where several everyday items are set in front of the baby and they pick one. Whatever they pick is supposed to say what sort of future they'll have. For example, if they pick a spool of colored thread that means they'll be very artistic.

We're incorporating Avery's Dol into her first birthday party. We've ordered the Dol-Bok she'll wear. It's coming from Korea so we had to order it with plenty of time before her birthday. With 2 months to go, I think we'll get it in time :D

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    8Theresa Gould
    That's very interesting. I like how you are incorporating her Dol celebration into her birthday. A great way to preserve your Korean traditions and celebrate your daughter's birth. Thanks for sharing this part of your Korean culture. I never knew about a baby's Dol until now.
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