Out with the old in with the new

Allot of us keep our clothes even though we never wear them. I have done this for so long two years ago I started taking all me clothes and hanging them up with the hanger facing one way and when I wear them I hang them back up after washed facing them in the opposite direction. Once a year I will go through those clothes. We have a place here called runway fashion exchange they give you store credit or cash for your clothing it is amazing, I just wish they would start something like that for kids clothing. I have a bad habit of keeping her clothes. I keep thinking one day we might have another girl and it would be nice to be prepared, but it is beginning to take up to much space. I have been thinking about selling them.

Does anyone know a good site to sell kids clothing?

    I donate our clothes to our local thrift store.
      I donate a lot, but I also like (but have never participated) in clothing swaps. Do you know if you can find any locally? Or has anyone else ever tried a swap?

      Personally, like you mentioned, I'm hanging on to our baby girl clothes in a couple hundred plastic bins in the basement, lol. Just in case our next one is a girl.
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