Pregnancy and laying on our side.

I'm not a back-sleeper anyway, but when I was pregnant I couldn't even lay on my side... the bf called me turtle. :/

Anyway.. here's an article about why it's safer to lay on your side during pregnancy.…

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      I've always had pain and general uncomfortable-ness, laying on my back. If I do, it's like a 2 minute thing and then back to my stomach or side again. Im a stomach sleeper, but later in pregnancy, I couldn't do that. My back would hurt especially bad if I laid on it, but I go so tired of sleeping on my sides. My arms would hurt when I woke up, from laying on them all night long.
        Someday soon, I'll get to posting my birthing story on this site. It included preeclampsia warnings, a week-early trip to the hospital, and me spending HOURS on my side for the baby's sake, despite my sciatica. Laying on my side was crucial to my baby's survival, so this is a very important article!

        And like Alissa said, though, despite all of that, it was wonderful! lol
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          Since my first pregnancy my left side has become my preferred position to sleep.
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