As I've said before, we're moving soon to a new apartment.
I've never cared for moving that much (too much packing and unpacking and driving!) But when it comes to re-decorating? Oh my, YES.

I absolutely LOVE re-arranging rooms, getting new things, and decorating. When I used to play the Sims, I spent more time creating and decorating and furnishing houses than I did playing with the actual characters! In some online games, there was character housing. Man, the time I spent creating a place for my character to "live", even though I was rarely actually there!

Now, I'll have the chance to furnish our place in real life. I've been looking into furniture, and things to make our home feel "homey" to me, like we actually plan to stay there for more than a few months, this time. We never bothered here, since we knew we'd be here for so little time. I've been planning and writing down things, saving websites...we don't have a couch, coffee table, dinner table, or even a frame for our mattress. The new place also has a second bedroom, so that Nina can have her own room this time, instead of always being in our room. Since we'll be in Norfolk for a few years, I figure she'll eventually need her own little place for her toys and things (right now, the living room is a toy graveyard!). My husband just teases me and feels content to let me run riot (within budgetary means, ofc) since I'll be the one who's really ever home, and he knows how much I enjoy this type of thing. He couldn't care less, as long as there are no leather chairs or couches (he thinks they're massively uncomfortable).

What makes you mommas as excited as this?

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        Sims love! lol, somewhat tangential, but my husband just bought me a new computer so I can get some Sims play in on my train to and from work. <3 that guy--we're gaming enthusiasts, and my darling girl has put that on hold for a while...until she can join us, I suppose. :)

        But congrats on the new place, and I second the request for pictures! I like looking at Better Homes & Gardens ideas, but I can never live up to that ideal. I'm lucky my bedspread matches our bedroom walls, lol.
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