Gifts for new moms

If they have a registry, definitely buy something on it! It's hard to tell what they already have and still need. And with today's online registries, items are removed once purchased so the guesswork is out of it.

If all else fails, DIAPERS! I knew we'd go through diapers but I'm still amazed at how many we use every day. They will never ever go bad and a chance for mom and dad to save a few bucks is crucial during this time. If you're unsure of the size, just wait until baby is born and ask, they'll appreciate it!

Moms Expertise
    Always diapers--in the bigger sizes! Everyone always brings newbies or 1s--bring 2s! I still have about three bags of 1s that I never opened (either saving or donating them). And yes, something frozen and homemade is wonderful. Or a promise to do a chore later? Like clean a bathroom or kitchen? Gosh, if someone would have offered me that, I would have thought they were an angel, lol.
      8Theresa Gould
      You can never go wrong with diapers. It's very practical and most parents appreciate it since they can be such an expense. I like making a meal too or getting a baby outfit.
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