Who have you chosen to be there?

God forbid anything happens.. who have you chosen to take over for you? How did you decide?

Both mine and Charlie's dad's siblings all have families. I know any one of them would be there if Charlie needed them, but if something were to happen to us, I couldn't handle Charlie trying to find his place in a new family.

Charlie's Godparents, (my bf has known them for 30 years), would take Charlie. They don't have children of their own.. the dogs are their kids and those are definitely my kind of people.

    Tricky one. We've talked about it, my husband and I, but we haven't actually asked anyone yet. And we probably need to, and put a will in place. Hm. That's a good thing to think about and add to the list.
      8Theresa Gould
      Years ago we asked two good friends to be our children's guardians. We haven't asked them again since we have eight children. We've asked my mom and we've talked to our two older girls, should the be over 18, even though it would a huge responsibility for them, they both agree they'd want everyone to stay together.
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