Do you ever find yourself searching for that "thing". I have not quite been able to find the right words to describe, it or capture its essence... But I find myself searching for it. I realized that not long after having Layla, going through the process of carrying her, delivering her, breastfeeding her, just how limited my perception of being a woman was. I prided myself on knowing just how powerful we are, but never realized that my perception was where true objectification lived. Now I find myself trying to redefine my essence and who I am as a sexual being with this new knowledge. It feels like a new level of puberty. I feel like the young girl on her first bra shopping endeavor. This new body, this new ability, this new woman...searching for the new me...

    3Lin White
    totally agree
      Very well said. There's just a new respect for all that women can do, can handle, and can grow. Life! I think I'll think on this for a bit. Thanks for sharing! :)
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