Gender Theories and Old Wives Tales

Skull Theory:
Some parents who believe in this theory believe it has a 92% accuracy rate. They claim that you can compare tell the gender based on the slope of the forehead and the shape of the jaw.…

Nub Theory also known as Angle of the Dangle Theory:
Around 11-14 weeks of pregnancy both boys and girls have the same external sex organs. Some experts believe the the angle the "nub" is pointing can determine if it is a boy or a girl. If the nub is parallel to the spine it is a girl and if the nub is perpendicular to the spine it is a boy.…

Chinese Gender Predictor Chart:
In this ancient calendar it is believed that you can know the gender based on your lunar age and the month you conceived.

Other old wives tales:
Bad morning sickness = girl
Glowing and beautiful = boy
Craving sweets = girl
Craving salty or sour = boy

The list goes on and on...

Are any of these theories true for you? Check your ultrasound photos for the first two theories.

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    I think we tried the Chinese Gender Predictor Chart and it was wrong. I will attest that we "just knew," though...not sure why, but we knew way before we found out for sure.
      8Theresa Gould
      Most of these are new to me. I was more sick with my first boy than I was in all my others. I even lost weight in my pregnancy.
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