Angry toddler: what to do?

I think Tishhad some great ideas. I also think sometimes they have to calm down and be left alone if it's a full out tantrum. Using a quiet voice can sometimes get their attention enough that they quiet down. Sometimes distracting them from whatever they are angry about helps. It's a guessing game dependent on the situation and the degree of anger. Sometimes it takes a process of elimination for something to work at calming them down. And of course, every toddler will be different to in what works and what doesn't.

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    I agree sometimes I just let them figure out on their own. Not in public areas though, I let them know mommy does not allow that behavior.
      Amanda Hurley
      We just had to put Makenzie in a room by herself. She was screaming at the top of her lungs like we had just killed her best friend. It took about 10 minutes for her to settle down, and then she was fine.
        My son is a little difficult to deal with. He is two and has been headbutting the floor, wall, whatever he can hit his head on for the last 8 months or so. He has headbutted me in the face when I have tried to hug him. He cant talk so Im thinking that is why he does it but the headbutting has slowed way down for the last few months but he still does it occasionally. I think he has realized that its hurting him. he has also resulted to biting and hitting me when he gets mad. Im not sure why. he runs up to me and i have to hold him back because i know im about to get bit or hit so hes tries to throw himself on the floor and I know if I let him go then hes gonna fall on the floor and probably hit his face so i kinda have to hold his arm while he throws himself and its gotten to the point where I HAVE to let him throw his trantrums because if he cant express himself in some type of way then he gets more angry.
          Depends on the meltdown for me. If its a mild one i can distract with music as they will dance the angry bugs out and forget why they were mad.

          But if it gets to bad i just walk them to their rooms and walk out. Let them throw, kick and destroy. When i dong hear it anymore i go back and say all better to talk. After talk i make them clean up their rooms which usually leads into i cant of another meltdown.
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