Where to find groups for moms.

I'd check your church or area churches, Moms Meet, the parks and recreation department sometimes offers Mommy and me type classes, ask moms you meet at the playground, the library. Sometimes you can form your own group with those you had birthing classes with or with friends who are pregnant at the same time.

What moms groups were you involved in?

8Theresa GouldChicago, Illinois
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    I found it very difficult to find organization's like that around where I'm from
      Amanda Hurley
      I found a moms group through yahoo groups when my daughter was little. In that group, I found my lifetime best friend.
        Danielle Keltner
        When I lived in a different area, I signed up for Meetup.com and found a wonderful mommies group. I love that it had a calender with events and I would love to do something in the rural area that I live now. Sadly I have yet to find many mamas that want to have even a 30 minute play date let alone get out of the house. For now church and Wal-Mart are our outings.
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