Do you have any tattoos? What and where on your body?

I have a Lilly piece on my back for my sister, Tysons name on my foot and levis name on the other. I have a tattoo for my mother on the back of my neck and a hornet with boxing gloves on the side of my neck.

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    8Theresa Gould
    No, I don't have any at all. My mom has one of my dad's name on her ankle. My sister I think gave her the idea after my dad died in 2006.
      I had a pretty eclectic mix that I had accumulated in the first few years of being in the army. Most of them were gotten on a whim, and most were on my back, so when I got home from this last deployment, my Welcome Home gift to myself was to get a back piece to cover most of them up. I'd been trying to find a good way to represent my daughter for a long time and I ultimately choose a mural of daffodils and carnations to represent my and my daughter's birth-month flowers.
        An alto cleff on the back of my neck and a pink lotus blossom on my left upper sleeve. I need some touch-ups done to both (the alto cleff was done by an amateur, so it needs re-done and embelishment, and the leaves of my lotus blossom aren't lotus blossom leaves!) The cleff represents who I am as a musician, but also my daughter's name. It's also called a "viola cleff", and viola means "Little Violet" (DD's name is Violet). Lotus Blossom is for... well, a lot of things, lol! My sisters, who I want to be as a musician, who I have been, who I currently am... There is definitely more ink in my future. ;)
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