Snack time!

Nina's nomming some banana, strawberry, and apple puff snacks while we watch some TV!

What are your little ones up to?

Snack time!Snack time!
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    She's having a blast throwing, eating, and talking to her snacks lol...I remember being that little. It was a huge matter to me that my mom know I wasn't "just" 8, I was ALMOST 9!

    Nina's not a fan of little kid shows lol! We tried to turn on some kiddy stuff for her, she threw a major fit and wasn't happy until I put Scrubs or 30 Rock back on >.< So usually she watches whatever we are, be it How I Met Your Mother, a DC or Marvel Movie/Cartoon, Scrubs, 30 Rock...she just refuses to watch anything that's pretty much designed for babies. Her favorite movie is Shrek! xD
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