My favorite guy (and father of this baby I'm growing right now, luckily) is a huge hockey fan - I'm an occasional hockey fan, mainly when he gets to pick what we watch after work because it's always hockey. He's a die-hard New Jersey Devil fan because of his family ties to the team and state. I'm a Washington Capitals fan, because I'm a Northern Virginia girl and root for all my Washington DC teams. Normally this isn't an issue because our hockey teams never play in important games - but tonight they are basically playing for a Play-Offs spot, which has sparked the argument "Who will Lillian root for?" He's already lost my five year old daughter to my Washington teams, because I got a three year head start on her influence, so he's determined to have someone on his side! Who has had to make this extremely important decision in their house, and how did you settle it? I suggested whoever can find the cutest team onesie, but he said that wasn't fair, since shopping is a pretty much a hobby of mine.

    LOL... I'm a red socks fan.. and my ex was a yankees.. Talk about sweet rivalry.. who knew we could fall in love regardless.. as you know this rivalry is huge and runs deep.. lol..
    My first born, son.. was given many yankees crap.. and when he would leave the house I would change him.. and it was funny and we made it fun.. When my daughter was born.. I won.. red sox.. so.. we had one of each, but we still swapped..

    I say toss a coin.. switch out for a month.. or be super sneaky...
      There's no argument when it comes to football - all my children are Redskins fans! He's a Giants fan, but he only follows football casually, and I can't have my babies rooting for a division rival. I think it will turn into a battle of the team onesies (first one to dress her picks the team of the day) until she's old enough to throw all her New Jersey stuff away.
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