MY Favorite Friday!!!

I love Fridays.. and not that I have anything great planned.. nothing big.. and we don't really do anything different on a Friday.. But just that feeling of knowing My schedule can relax.. The kids play outside for longer.. no need to come in for homework or bring them in for my specific dinner time so that they have enough time to relax, before bed.. my schedule is important and can stress me out a little if I fall behind.. But just knowing we have no place to be, nothing we have to get done.. and knowing that if the kids aren't in bed reading by 7:30 sharp it's okay, cause we don't have to rush out in the morning..

ALSO.. NO PACKING LUNCHES... whoop hoooo

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We live in Los Angeles, CA. I'm a writer, comedian, actor and single mom of two. Parenting is hard. I try to keep a sense of humor about it all and find the find the funny... in what is most likely NOT funny (i.e. boogers, meltdowns, homework, etc.).