I HATE packing lunches..

I hate it.. absolutely hate.. it.. Every day I try to give my kids a little variety.. but it's hard and most of it ones back uneaten.. and then I have to give different things to my kids who like different things.. and as ready as I am with stuff, I just hate..

Cut apples, slice cuties, cut sandwich, heat soup, put hummus in dish.. UGH!!!!

But it's Friday.. and no lunches!!!

    I keep to-go lunch snacks in a drawer in the fridge and a low shelf in the pantry, and while I make the main "entree" of her lunch (usually a sandwich of choice) she picks her add-ons and packs them away in her lunch box. She started "school" two years ago when I enrolled her in a montessori program, so I'm interested to see what happens when she actually starts kindergarten in the fall and gets to chose between mom packing her a lunch or eating the school food.
    I think I may be a little control freak when it comes to them packing it themselves. They're good; thru out in what they know I would. Giving themselves their fruit and water
    I don't do juice but rarely. But then how they do it, the mess, the elbowing in the kitchen and then the time we have in the morning.. We are not fast people in the am.
    And I used to have most ready night before but the apples would brown and the sandos got soggy and quite frankly after cleaning up from dinner and bed and bath.. I don't wanna.
    It's easy enough. Just gets old after 7 plus years. Lol
    But yes. I should chill a bit. And possibly get going faster in the morning so there's time.
    Ahhhhhhhh who am I kidding??!!
      Meg I loved it too in the beginning. Lol. But I'm going on 7 plus year and when I had my step son you can count 4 plus. So it's gotten old. Lol

      I've gone from cutting sandwiches into cookie cutter shapes to just pulling the crusts off with my hands. Lol. Trying to give them food they like, they'll actually eat in their 15 allotted minutes while chatting w friends and being healthy. It's exhausting. Lol
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