The mom Know-it-alls...

I really dislike these types of moms who "seem" to have it all together.. the ones that say things like, "well, we do this"... or "we don't have that problem".. or the ones that have an answer for everything that comes up..

A lot of times I'll stand with other moms and just sort of vent about anything.. whether it's home work or what they''ll eat or won't eat or their behaviors.. and it's just a place for moms to come together to let it out.. no one is really looking for solutions.. just empathy.. and that one mom that either doesn't get it or always seems to have it perfect or the answer..

I'm willing to bet it's the opposite... that things are NOT great.. Loosen up mamas.. this parenting thing is HARD.. sometimes you just gotta chat it out..

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      It's like trying to "Facebook" your real life--you know, only "posting" the good stuff. I agree, it's far more helpful and beneficial to talk about what's really happening, and things are never always perfect! It's brave of you to admit that!
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