Moms that don't play with their kids..

I am SO over the moms sitting at the park on their phone.. I get it.. you need a break.. the kids are playing.. I do it too, but only for a second..

I don't always want to play with my kids.. But I try to chase and play tag and hide and seek..

    We've yet to go to a park (there are none around here) but there are some at the new place. I've been with my brothers though, when they were younger. I ended up halfway babysitting the younger kids because lots of people were so...unobservant. I get it, you want some alone time, but you still have to keep track of your kid.

    When I start taking Nina, I'm going to play with her. We already play together all the time, inside and outside, and I still manage to get my "me" time in at various points in the day.
      Or when I take my son to the park and I am the only mom playing with their kid and before I even realize its happened I am chasing ten kids around that I don't even know. The moms are sitting on the bench taking pictures of us and I'm thinking "my giant behind better not show up on your Facebook" lol
        I do agree that when your kids are happy and playing you should be able to play candy crush to your hearts content.
        I guess what I meant were the moms that totally disconnect and let the park babysit them or worse be disconnected enough that other moms are watching your kids.
        I do it too. I'm pooped. I need to play on my phone or read my news and my kids need to play with kids and be free. But I'm still an active observer. Fully aware of where they are, who they're playing with and how's it going.
        But don't get me wrong. I'm fasaaarr from perfect and some park days I'm sooo happy and relieved to sit. Alone. And be free.
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